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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I usually think of Amazon.com as having a great user interface. But sometimes they outsmart themselves. I sold a book through their website, so I needed to enter my checking account information so I could get paid. Now, I do all my banking online, so I don't have checks. They cost money, and I'd never use them, so no checks. Occasionally I have to deal with direct deposit issues ("attach a voided check to form" nonsense), but just providing the bank routing and account numbers is sufficient. But now we have the Amazon.com website, which demands that you enter in a check number, as well as the entire bottom line of numbers off a check. Whoops.

I managed to fake it; I conjured up a check #1 and entered in the numbers that would hypothetically be on it. And sent them email pointing out the problem; we'll see what kind of response I get.
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